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    Greetings, all. I've been a lurker here for a while, but am having an issue with my unlocked 750 on T-Mobile that I hope you guys can assist with. I have a Cingular-branded, unlocked 750 that I'm using on T-Mobile. In my "home" network in Atlanta, I have no issue with receiving/sending voice and data.

    However, I'm currently in Minneapolis on business and I'm unable to get any data connectivity. T-Mobile is a provider here, so I don't appear to be officially roaming on another network, however I get the following error when I try to email sync or browse the web:

    "There is a problem connecting to the GPRS service in the roaming network you are in."

    T-Mobile shows as the provider on the today page and I have an "x" icon as my data connectivity status.

    Any thoughts?

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    Well, there may not be data coverage in your current location (or some other problem if you access data in other locations ok) if you get regular cell service than you could always use cell network (non gprs) as a fall back method. it will be very slow but it would be better than nothing (TMO support could esaly walk you thru the setup. or a web search may be faster.

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    I have Tmo... I live in NJ and pay for unlimited VPN from tmo, so I use for my APN... but recently when I was traveling to Vegas, I had to change it to before my data would connect.

    Try changing APNs.

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