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    So revamped their mobile website earlier this year and I had only been to it on my Treo 750. Last night I tried going to it on my brother's Treo 650 and the site was MUCH better. Everything was aligned appropriately and if you were looking at a baseball boxscore, the number of runs were under the R the number of hits were under the H and the number of errors were under the E. On the Treo 750 you have R, H, E, # of R, # of H, * of E all on different lines on the screen. I am assuming that it is b/c of the 320x320 vs. the 240x240 screen difference but is there any way to fix this? Is there a better program that will show the site the way it is meant to be seen (being that it is a mobile website)?
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    Has anybody else experienced an issue like this?? cannot be the only site where this is the case!!
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    Is the browser on the 750 (Pocket IE) set to show the page in one column view? When you view a web page, it should be set as "default" view. You can change the view mode by pushing the right soft key labeled "menu".

    In the menu that pops up, highlight (directional button) or click (stylus) on view. Another small menu pops open giving you the options of: One Column, Default or Desktop. You can choose any one, and the menu closes and then the page is rendered in the new layout.

    You may have to scroll right and left more in Desktop mode, though.

    I hope this solves the problem.
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    Box scores show up just like you describe for your brothers on my 750... check out your settings as described... the page looks great is remarkably easy to read...
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    They are all right, this happens when view is set to "one-column" instead of "default"
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    Thanks for the help guys. I knew it would be something stupid like that but I got it working now!
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    When I had my Nokia e62, it would show ESPN's actual site, not the mobile website. Most WM phones that I have had would show the mobile version. My cousin had the 650 and when he went to ESPN, we let it load and waited and alas it showed the true ESPN not the mobile. I wish I would be able to get that on my Treo750.
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    You can, you just have to turn off Cingular's proxy in the registry. There are a few people on the forums here that can direct you to a .cab file to do it for you.

    I think taylorh has it in his sig.

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