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    ok guys there are lots of posts about 750v bugs and lots of people who seem prepared to put up with those bugs. I am not one of them. It seems after speaking with Palm Tech Support that waiting for Windows Mobile 6 (WM6) is the only answer. But no-one can say when WM6 will be available for the 750v. I have seen the WM6 software beta running on the 750v (unless it was put there by a clever photoshop artist) so I know it is running. So does anyone out there have any updates of any description to make this phone more reliable while we wait for WM6? Or can someone get the beta of WM6 and put it somewhere so that those of us who are prepared to take the risk can upgrade to it? C'mon Palm if you are reading this post, lets do this thing and get the 750v going great ...
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    I agree with you, I am becoming disillusioned with the 750v. People are telling me that the call quality is poor when they are talking to me, alarms dont work properly, dialing out sometimes does not work. This is a very expensive phone, Palms "top-of-the line" and it sucks at the basics. On top of that, we have no idea what Palm intends to do about it and when.

    I am shopping around.
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    to tell you the truth guys i havent had any major problems with the 750...and i havent experience any of the problems that you guys have...but i was also woundering how to get my hands on a beta wm6
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    Chatted with a Palm rep on line a few days ago and all they could say was keep checking their site for the announcement-he said it would be soon. Lame answer I know.
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