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    After restoring an Sbp backup I couldn't open my POP email account - would select it, and it would 'think' but not open. So I thought I'd delete the account and rebuild it - but it the "delete" dialog doesn't appear.

    I went in through Messaging > Options > and there's an area where you can create a new account; but oddly, my account doesn't even appear there as it normally does. I've deleted accounts successfully from there before.

    Anybody have some kung-fu for this occasion? Thanks.
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    first off, when i restore i first do a hard reset. then i restore. this make sure i have removed all the old files first. try that.

    if that doesn't work. when you go to restore, dont do a full restore. don't select the pim data. after the restore is done, set up your email account agian since it wont be there and then sync over your pim data from your pc.

    i have never had this happen. i'm just shooting out ideas. unless someone has a better idea.
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    I agree w/codyppc. If you do a restore of email, you should first ensure you are starting with a clean system.

    Is this the case for you?
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    You gents are correct - worked just fine. Thanks to both of you.

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