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    I recently began using the Treo 750 after having previously having used the 650 and 600.
    When I would sync the Treo 650 or 600, everything would sync over including documents on the SD card.
    On the Treo 750, the documents do not appear to be syncing with changes made on the PC, and when I make a change on the Treo, it does not sync with the documents on the PC.
    I use the active sync that came with the Treo 750. The documents I wish to have sync are Word, Excel, photos and are on my SD card.
    What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to sync the windows device SD card with my PC? Do I need a 3rd party program to do this (like Documents to go)?
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    I've never been able to sync to/from anything but default memory. On my previous Dell, where I had flash for BIS, and RAM for normal documents, it would only sync RAM. On the Dell, normal RAM would be lost after a reset or completely dead battery.
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    Look for MobSync...
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    Also can look for MightySync at

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