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    Thanks to insurance, this is a great and funny story.

    So I'm sitting there with a bowl of hot soup when I did the unimagineable, and actually laughable. I pick up the phone to check an email or something, and drop the 700wx right into the bowl of soup. <splash> Completely submerged. Of course my knee-jerk reaction is to grab the phone, which I did. It's still on.

    I turned it off, pulled off the battery cover, and pulled the battery out to dry it off. I pulled out the SD card and it's full of soup too. Horror. I wasn't about to open the phone and void the warranty. No telling how much soup got inside the phone. I suspect the memory card is water proof, so that should be ok, although I'm still wondering about that. (anyone know?) Sandisk Extreme III.

    Anyway, turned it back on, and low and behold the computer side works. Powered up SPB Backup and did a Full Backup, hoping it would make it through. Pulled the SD card and saved to the Mac.

    I noticed the phone radio is off, so I trying turning it on, but no chance. The computer side is still working.

    Anyway, was I glad that the Verizon guy talked me out of cancelling my $5/month insurance. As soon as you tell them the phone got wet, they won't switch it out. Of course they're going to open it up, right, so they would have found out. <g>

    I called the insurance and they are overnighting me a phone for tuesday. ($50 deductible)

    Close call. By the way, it was green Mole Verde soup. Not going to be pretty when they open that phone.

    I can't believe I did that. I guarantee I'll never eat soup and use my phone at the same time again.
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    Maybe look into getting a BT headset.
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    pretty funny. I have heard of stories where the treo, which was in the shirt pocket, fell into the toilet when thay went to flush. that would be the phone I would hate to open up. lol
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    Glad your story had a happy ending , so many others don't...
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    How will that solve an email or txt?

    lol I put mine on top of what I thought was an empty cup and it fell in and had just enough to get a little bit wet but not enough to get to the 0 key. So I took mine out and got some cleaner and cleaned the contacts and it still works. lol, I wonder though, how you people scratch teh screen is it just me or it doesnt ever seem to get scratch , or am I just not seeing it. My screen gets awful dirty
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    LOL that's funny. yea I'm glad I added the repair plan. because my earpiece sounds like crap. it is a must with a 350 dollar phone.

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