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    A previous thread ( talked about GPS for the 750. Based on the comments and other web search results, I ordered the GlobalSat BT-359 bluetooth GPS receiver through Unfortunately, I can't find anything on Google Maps (already installed) or in the 750's user's guide that explains how to set it up so Google Maps syncs with the GPS. Can anyone give me a step-by-step explanation of how to do this?


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    There is actually a great video that was posted on on this exact subject. Here is the link

    The annoying thing I have found with the 750 and the BT-359 gps receiver is connecting to tomtom and googlemaps or windows live at the same time. For some reason when connecting to tomtom I have to start out with the gps reciever not set up on any com ports and then if I want to connect to google I have to go in and set up the com ports and then they will both work but if the reciever is set up on a com port first then tomtom wont find it. Sorry for the rant its just a pain and if anyone has any clues as to a way to fix this I would love to hear them
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    Thanks burns. Actually, that link is no longer good but you gave me enough information to be able to do a search and find the step-by-step instructions at this link: Appreciate the tip.


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