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    Hi all..
    I just bought the new Pioneer DEH-P790BT, Bluetooth head unit...

    It says I need to transfer my phone book in order to get the names to show up on the radio screen, any idea how to transfer the phonebook via bluetooth?

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    I have the same unit with the wx...!!! btw, great buy. I totally love mine. I figured I would jump in so that you do not run into the problems I did

    1. you need to 'register' the phone. to do this clear your bt list and let the pioneer find the treo instead of the other way around
    2. once you registered install jetware ( I think). this little appl will make it so that you do not get the disconnect issues (plus you will get battery meter and antenna meter!!! showing in the lcd)
    3. to transfer names, go to phone - function - transfer phonebook (in pioneer). you have to transfer 1 at a time...

    if u have more questions, ask.

    enjoy that new baby.
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    how do I transfer the names though, what command do I use?

    I also use the a2dp hack, will Jetware interfere with that?

    Also, is the jetware software what I need to tansfer the contacts over?


    PS...Only thing I do not like about the unit, no easy way to store sirius favorties
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    1. once you are in transfer mode, go to each contact (in your phone) and select 'beam contact'.
    2. jetware will not interfere with ad2p, it will just make your bt connection work better
    3. you should be able to save your favorite channels by going to list - and holding over the preset u want to save. I find it really easy using the remote (just press and hold any 1-6 preset and u're done)

    try w/o jetware for a while, then install it and u will see the benefits...

    I love this head unit. once u get all the settings right i'm sure u will love it also...!!!
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    I am/was a kenwood execlon guy, but I liked the blue LED and the fact bluetooth was included.

    I tried the Jetware trial....Since I have transferred all of my contacts over, do I need to actually purchase the key? The trial still "kinda" functions after its over.

    Do you have XM or Sirius on yours? The Sirius controls are funky at best....Looks like I will start using the remote more.....
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    yeah, I looked at different options and ended up with the pioneer. I get compliments on it all the time.

    If u don't feel like buying I guess u can keep the trial version. like u said, it kinda works...

    I got xm on mine... personal preference. would only get sirius for howard.

    anyways, I hope u enjoy the system.

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