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    Is this the correct forum for this?

    I had a motoQ, which changing the home screen was very easy... copy the justBlack bmp to the home dir along w/the justBlack XML file and select it in the Profiles.

    Is there a way to do similar w/the Treo 700wx?

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    ...Micresift sez that the home screen is a feature of the WM5 SmartPhone ed. with its easy XML, whereas the Today screen is associated w/the PocketPC ed. and uses Reg hacks or programming your own Today screen..

    I made a 320x240
    black jpg as my background, but it'd look a lot better if all the controls were black too...
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    Probably wrong forum. There are some apps that will allow you to have a black background, buttons, etc. Wisbar Advance is one of them. Check out this thread...

    What does your Today screen look like?

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