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    I never experienced the outage so either the outage never effected me or I was playing with another phone at the time and that was the week I signed a contract with another phone and at the end ship it back due to that phones data plan was constantly going out.


    Ahh. That's cool. Unfortunately for several other's on the thread, it caused them to leave M2W.

    Anyways, Xa4hz and I apologize for the disruption in the thread.

    Regarding apps, check out the WM and Mortscript section of this forum. You may find a script that someone has written, which may be useful to you.
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    Personally I messed around with my 700WX for about 5 days and then I returned it. I just couldn't get used to Windows Mobile after using Palm OS for so long and will be getting a Treo 700P

    But as for programs, I loaded quite a few that were pretty awesome:
    AIM UK Hack
    FlexMail 2007
    Google Maps
    Handy Shopper Alpha 3
    Live Search
    Magic Button (this is one that I highly recommend!)
    Soft Reset
    Sprite Backup
    WM5 New Menu (another very handy utility that can almost take the place of the start menu)

    There is a Today plugin that I used as well that I found very handy but I forgot the name of it but I have the installer on my desktop PC somewhere. Good luck with your Treo 700WX. I'm going to wait till WM 7 or something when they get the email somewhere close to VersaMail.
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