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    I have been running a test this week. I am visiting Singapore and yesterday I used the 750 on the Seidio extended battery. There was light phone usage, some email and SMS, nothing heavy. Even with the phone connected to the PC for about two hours intermittently, the battery was down to about 30% by the end of the day.

    Today I used the Dopod 838Pro/Hermes on the standard battery with the same setup and regime. By lunchtime it was only down to 90%. At the same time the 750 which had been sitting in my case with no SIM, no activity at all and therefore doing no data at all, was down to 80%.

    I therefore reach the conclusion that the Treo absolutely sucks battery by comparison with the Hermes, which was how I thought it would be.

    Screaming shame that. Woudldit be too much to hope that the WM6 update might address some of these battery sucking issues?
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    Yep, I had to upgrade to the humpy back 2400 battery from Siedo. Looking at the Mobi 3300 now - just don't like the humpty back look.
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    As much as the battery does suck on the Treo, if I use it lightly for most of the day, its still far above 30% for me.

    Yesterday I used it a ton and around 3pm it was at 63% (according to SBSH's battery level).
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    This might seem strange to say, but I improved my battery usage on my 750 greatly by turning off network update of the time:

    Go to control panel > system > clock & alarms > more
    be sure that "Enable local network time" is unchecked

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    I have pretty heavy usage during the day with the OEM battery. This includes the 24x7 use of Goodlink push mail which is constantly going out to the server and checking for updates. I do run out of battery some days, but not until 10 or 11 pm. There either must be a difference in apps that some of you have, or else there is truly a quality control issue with OEM batteries. However, I am astonished by how many people I encounter here at work that complain about battery time, and the first things I see when I turn on their devices are weather, sport and financial plug-in on their today screens. Where do they think that "real time" info is coming from?
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