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    Besides using my 700p as a phone, the thing I do most is listen to books with AudiblePlayer and watch TV via the Palm SlingPlayer beta. Most of the time when I am in a situation where using the Treo this way is planned, I have my wired SkullCandy headphones with me. On occasion, when enduring some dead time like standing in line, waiting for a Dr. appointment, etc., I want to listen but do not have a headset with me. The speaker is not an option as it is too annoying for those around me, not to mention that the SlingPlayer's audio is really set to low to be usable without a headset and no way I can find to make it louder.

    Is there a regular bluetooth headset that will work with audio from palm apps, or any way to make a bluetooth headset work in this way. I do not need stereo and the size of a regular bluetooth head set is just what I am looking for. I really don't want to carry around a wired headset all the time or one of the available stereo bluetooth headsets.

    I don't currently own a BT Headset, but tried a Motorolla H700 today and really liked it, but as I expected it would not work on anything but phone calls.

    Any suggestions?


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    Sorry, just noticed I posted this in the wrong place.

    How do I delete this post??

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