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    I am attempting to connect to a url and save the page to memory, I know mortscript is capable of this along with passing parameters with the url, as used in xcast (it ?name=me&this=that...). I also know mortscript has the command to save the page to url (it is all text, text document). The problem I am facing is logging into the site authentication. It is not possible to login using, which i believe is an internet explorer restriction.

    I am looking for a way to access this url, using mortscript, and saving the text file behind the authentication to memory. I realize that I can save the username password in internet explorer, create a link to open explorer, etc.. I would like to avoid this and use mortscript directly. Thank you for any help.

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    I assume the page you're trying to access (let's say in IE) pops up the authentication box when you access the URL right, rather than say, a login page with username/password fields and a submit button right?
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    yes, the username/password are passed in HTTP authentication I believe, it does not appear as though these can be directly passed as form variables in the url.
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    No One, Not even a not possible..

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