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    I have a Sprint Treo 700wx that was successfully synchronizing with my Exchange server OTA for many months with a certificate from GoDaddy. Recently, I’ve had to renew the certificate utilizing the same exact information/name and now I get the infamous “Invalid Certificate” message, 0x80072F0D on my Treo when attempting to OTA synch. I have done mucho research and attempted the following from my findings:
    • Exported cert. in DER x.509 format and copied to device and installed. The cert shows in the Root tab.
    • Reinstalled the certificate on the server
    • I can use OMA/OWA from my device
    • Added the Valicert from GoDaddy
    • Hard reset my device and rebuilt config, re-added the cert
    • I have also tried to OTA sync with another domain that I manage with other functional devices (no-go)
    Has anyone else renewed their cert. and had a fully functional OTA Treo 700wx to Exchange synch stop working due to an invalid certificate?

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    Did you import the intermediary cert from godaddy? I just helped a buddy with the exact same issue. Make sure you follow the go daddy instructions very closely. They actually changed there trusted authority cert a while back which caused issues with newer certs. You used to not have to do this step.
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    Can activesync exchange of the sms varriety-non push, work with an exchange 2000 mail server? I know you need exchange 03 for push, but is this also true for the sms triggered sync?
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