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    Ive installed the crossbow phone skin and it works but the problem is when i receive an incoming call the phone skin pops up with the CID info and then the palm one pops up in front of it making it a mute point is there nay way to disable this? and i want to disable the palm dial pad as well so i can use the crossbow one.
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    after some tinkering i was able to make it so the palm pad only comes up when i hit the call button in the today screen any other screen and i get the WM5 dial pad with my crossbow skin. ive done some reading and some one said we had to resource hack the phonedialer_enus.dll to stop calling on the palm dial pad which totally sucks. how would i go about doing this?
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    another update... after installing this skin it appears that it conflicts so bad with the palm dialer that my phone fails to ring on incoming calls it will wake up the screen will say incoming call but it will not sound or vibrate. once the call is missed it will sound the missed call notification. so i restored form a backup that i made just before installing the skin and im now ringing again..... bummer

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