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    OctroTalk has recently added a unique feature. You can share a folder on your device with your buddies. This unattended file sharing can be configured for Global File Sharing or for a specific buddy. We invite readers to try this feature and give us the feedback so that we can make the improvements.

    OctroTalk can be downloaded from

    To enable Global File Sharing, set your status to File sharing on (Menu -> Status -> File sharing on). Select the folder you want to share and click OK. Now all your Google Talk buddies (with file transfer support) can access the folder shared by you. It is like converting your device into a file server. To disable Global file sharing click Menu -> Status and select any other status except File share on.

    For allowing a specific buddy to share a folder on your device, select Menu -> Buddy Options -> Enable File Sharing. Select the folder you want to share and click OK. This enables the unattended file sharing for the selected buddy. The buddy icon changes to signify that file sharing has been enabled.

    When you enable file sharing for a specific buddy, the buddy can also send you files and those requests will be automatically accepted by OctroTalk. These files will be saved in the shared folder on your device. To disable file sharing with a buddy, highlight the buddy and select Menu -> Buddy Options -> Disable File Sharing.

    Soon OctroTalk will release a version for Windows. Then with File Sharing Bot you will be able to access your computer from anywhere at any time. You can authorize all your buddies or any of your buddies to share specific folders and files on your computer. You will find many uses of this unique OctroTalk feature.
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    OctroTalk for Windows is now available for download. Intall it on your computer and use it alongwith any IM software that supports Google Talk/Jabber with any device (Palm OS, WM,Blackberry, Symbian).

    Use a different account for OctroTalk for Windows than the one you use for your mobile client. Access files on your desktop from anywhere, anytime. Share files with your buddies.Listen to the music stored on your desktop.

    If you don't have Google/Jabber account,you can easily create account using OctroTalk client.In the Login Information, select "Create an account". Enter your username and password. The advanced settings are; Server:, Port: 5222, check Use TSL and check Ignore Bad Certificate.

    Any questions, contact

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