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    Quote Originally Posted by prscott1 View Post
    thanks for letting me know. Perhaps you know whether or not there is a limit on the number of lines that get 'cycled' through when using refresh=n (not the menucycle)?
    I do not. I've only ever used 1 line in the plugin so far.
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    Okay, I'm officially going crazy with this now. I flashed a new ROM on my wing and reinstalled all my apps and tools.

    Immediately after my rebuild, I had all lines in my "billboard" item scrolling. then i activated my second and third "billboard" items and now they only scroll through 5 items!

    zbop - please come back!
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    With the Diamond and Touch Pro coming out, I would love to see a version of the billboard plugin that supports VGA... any chance of that Zbop?
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    Have you tried it with vga? Did it not work?
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    Well, I have not tried it with VGA, however others that have used some of my stuff have tried it. What happens is the top half of the text doesn't get displayed. They've sent me screen shots.
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    OK, I've now tested the billboard plugin for myself on a VGA device and I had it backwards... only the top part of the text is displayed. The icon for the line is shrunken down to fit into the top half of the line. The bottom half of the line is not drawn, so whatever you open up, still shows on the bottom half once you close it... I'll add screenshots later to clear that up. Basically, though, it doesn't work on VGA. Zbop, is there any way we could get the source code or maybe you could update it? Please?
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    i can confirm the vga thing. altho i do think i remember where we could adjust the plugin height, but i never played with it. the icon being half the size i just thought.... what the heck, and never tried.

    what i want now is to get it working on the 320x320 screen. i got a 800w now not the diamond.

    it would be nice to get a hold of z. he could fix it. has any one googled his user name and see where he has gone? anyone try to find him? i know his comcast email is not working anymore.
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    yeah, I googled him, and he hasn't posted in more than 6 months on any of the sites that I found him on... hope he's ok.
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    Well the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, I've just been laying low, shirking my duties on this forum . I'll move the billboard update to the top of the queue and spend some time on it this week (or this weekend at the latest).

    Hopefully when I fix the 320x320 support, it will fix the VGA support as well. You may need to create new bitmaps if you are using them though. I think I can autoscale them, but they'll probably look like crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zbop View Post
    Hopefully when I fix the 320x320 support, it will fix the VGA support as well. You may need to create new bitmaps if you are using them though. I think I can autoscale them, but they'll probably look like crap.
    You need to support 96 DPI!
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    Dude, go peddle that RealVGA stuff in your own thread!! j/k

    Actually once I've made the mods, it should work correctly in both 96DPI and 128DPI.
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    Okay I did some work on the resolution support tonight and it's almost there.

    Still need to fire up the emulator and try some of the different resolutions, I'll test both 96DPI and 128DPI on 320x320, but for VGA I'll probably only test the default (I think it is 192DPI).
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    The latest version (1.10) has just been posted. Included in this version is resolution support for 320x320 and 640x480. I've tested the following modes so far:

    240x240 (SQVGA) @ 96DPI
    320x240 (QVGA) @ 96DPI
    320x320 (WQVGA) @ 96DPI, 128DPI
    640x480 (VGA) @ 192DPI

    The fonts, plugin size, and bitmaps all seem to scale appropriately. You should create new bitmaps for the higher resolutions since the scaling will give them a stretched look.

    I've consolidated all the binaries and documentation into a single post here:
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    BTW, since this thread is somewhat out-of-date, if you have pending requests or issues, please bump them, thanks.

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    Thanks, zbop! You're the man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xdalaw View Post
    Thanks, zbop! You're the man.
    You're welcome!
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    updated locally and works well..on to update pocket stock and sportscenter
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    Dude, you are awesome! Thank you. Haven't tested it yet, but I've really been looking forward to this.
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    Okay. I know this thread is pretty dead. But I have a question. I'm trying to modify Scotty's Pocket Sports Center to display multiple lines of scores instead of just 1. By adding new items in the registry and modifying Scotty's program I can get 5 scores to display at once. The problem is if I add anymore than 5 items, it only displays the first one. Kind of like it won't allow more than 5 items. Is that true? I thought it would keep going if you added more items to the registry. Is it limited to 5? Is there a way I can increase it to 15?

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