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    Is it possible to get Virus/Spyware/Trojans on your 700wx?
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    Right now there are no known viruses for Smartphones. So you may think the Smartphone is safe. However this situation can change at any time just like it did for the Pocket PC. Also, right now none of the Pocket PC AntiVirus applications are designed for the Smartphone. So it may require users of Smartphones to make backups and be careful before installing applications from unknown sources.
    Unfortunately, the article covered on the URL was written in 2004, and doesn't appear to be updated. But it does provide some anti-virus solutions for the PPC.

    Regarding Spyware program available for the PPC is Spybot- Search & Destroy, which is FREE.
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    I heard, the virus that runs on the computer normally does not run on windows mobile system so far.

    Although the artical says that "Pocket PC Antivirus Becomes a Necessity", I've never heard of any pocket pc that has been infected.
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    I haven't heard of any PPC getting infected either, but many of us easily perform hard resets on our devices if our device acts really strange and soft resets do not do anything.
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    k thanks guys

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