Hello all,

I am a new user to the Treo 750 and have been searching for a way to utilize my treo to remotely control via bluetooth the power point presentation from across the room. After a couple of days of searching, I finally found the program that says it works on the 750V. Here is a link to the webpage that I am reading.


As instructed, I am using a microsoft BT stack driver and I have updated the microsoft .net compact framework on the phone and using .net framwork 2.0 on my laptop. I have also installed active sync from my windows mobile cd. everyhting should work but it doesnt.

To begin with, my screen shot on the treo is different than what is shown on the webpage. I see the Ctech Presentation pocket header in blue at the top but I am missing the search, drop down box, and the connect button. Since this is a trial version, does anyone know if those boxes should be there? I would think since trial version is limited to 4 slide clicks, that I should still see the same window that is listed on the webpage.

Anyone using this program with a 750 or any other 750 options for controlling a power point presentiation via bluetooth?