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    I switched from the Treo 680 to the 750 about a month ago. I was a little reluctant because of the intimidation factor WM has. I was patient and took my time to learn WM and got the hang of it.

    The most extrodinary thing about the switch is the dramatic decrease in resets. I had to reset my 680 about once every two days. I have had to reset my 750 twice in the past month. Both issues related to Hotsync and even though it needed to be reset before it would sync, the phone worked.

    When the Palm locked up, it was inoperable until it was reset. The 680 is a nice phone but until an update is released to address the instability, resets will be the hardest thing this phone has to overcome.

    Battery life is a touch better as long as I keep things from running in the background. And it is getting better the more it's recharged.

    Overall..... still no regrets on the switch.
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    I totally agree. I've been a PalmOS-addict for years, and still like a lot of features on that platform, but my 750 is a lot (and I mean a LOT) more stable than my 680 ever was.

    Now, if they can sort out the disappearing memorycards, I will be completely happy
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    my memory card has never disappeared... its always there.

    Sandisk 2GB is what im using and its perfect.

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