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    My menu tab has the 6 or so most frequent apps I use. When I installed smallmenu plus, I now have the options of today, programs (and all sub folders), Favorites, running programs, settings, suspend, smallmenu settings.

    I could do without the small menu settings & suspend (if theres another way to access that data). I would like to add a "menu" tab which had my old favorite apps (calc, calendar, messaging, reset, etc). Can I add that as a main catagory as high level as Programs or Favorites?

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    Create your own Custom menus, under General tab. What I did was I created my own custom menus, and then created sub folders. For example,

    \Program files\- Start Menu <- location of custom menus from general tab

    Then I copied all the shortcuts of most used programs under this folder. Then I created sub folders (Games, Utilities, etc.) and copied shortcuts under each corresponding subfolder.

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