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    Somehow my volume buttons stopped working.
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    You will have to hard reset to fix this I believe. A program overrode the button settings. I remember this hapening before, it was either phonealarm or pocketplus that caused it last time.
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    Known issue, search the forum. I seem to remember or something. You do NOT need to Hard reset - as littlepat said.
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    Wow, don't remember seeing that. I hope he didn't hard reset yet!
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    Look for fixvolume.exe .... its a problem with phonealarm I think.
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    SPB apps can cause it, not PA
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    Here's the fix;

    Make sure you also disable the VOL service!
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    I think I might scream if I see one more separate thread on this same issue. Most people here are always willing to help, but there comes a point when "enough is enough" has to be said. Please search before posting. Thanks
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    SBP software is causing that, follow the link that somebody posted above

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