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    Hi there, I have just purchased a palm. i have sucessfully set up my POP email for home email account where i can send and receive emails.

    With my work email we have a difference ISP hosting the work emails. I have followed the same POP format as i did for home email, however changed incoming mail, outgoing mail, user name and password for work email as per my outlook settings.

    Every time i send and receive the Palm connects fine, then at login stage a form pops up requesting user id & password (pre-populated with work details). I have checked the user name and password is correct, however i cannot seem to link to email. ISP say its a Palm issue, Palm seller told me its an ISP issue.

    Suggestions welcome as i am out of options.


    PS i use the std email software supplied with palm hardware
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    ISP issue, not a device issue.

    Get your IT people to give you the correct settings, or enable the access, etc.
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    Thanks - what are the common types of problems with ISP's.
    ISP say i have correct settings. What type of access do we need? or other common problems that i can relay to ISP.

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    My friend had a problem with his work account, and all I know is his ISP had to make some changes. The outgoing server was wrong, etc.

    When I say the problem is with your ISP, what I mean is either they do not allow pop/imap access, it is disabled, or your settings are incorrect. Eitherway your ISP has to configure it properly on both ends of communication. Every company is different so no one can tell you for sure what the problem is. Basically just harass your IT guys until they figure it out
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    Could it be some sort of Javascript issue? I have login problems all of the time on some websites I usually go to on my PC. Could also be Cingular's proxy setting that is causing the problem.
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    Thanks for help
    Will hassle ISP

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