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    Which version of Skype should i download for my Sprint Treo 700wx?

    Skype 2.1 for Pocket PC

    Skype 2.2 Beta for Windows Mobile

    Check the link below
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    I use the Beta, High CPU version...
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    I can't get it to install on mine. I tried both of them and neither will install. What did you do to install on you WX?
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    All I did was copy the .CAB file onto my Treo then run it. Are you trying to install the .exe on your Treo? The EXE version is an Activesync install.
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    Figured it out, if you try to install on the SD card it doesn't work.
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    Actually, I have it on my SD Card, and it seems to work great. I use it almost every day.
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    But how do you guys know which version is right for 700wx. It is PocketPC and it is Windows Mobile also...
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    Basically, try the High CPU version. If it works well, keep it. If it seems flaky, uninstall and go with the low CPU version. Either will work for the Treo 700wx, but high CPU version is better. There's no problem using either one. Just try them.
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    Does it work through the bluetooth headset, or only through the speaker phone like on the 6700?
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    wen i go to download either for 700wx the device isnt even listed so i cant even download it can someone help please? thanks
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    ok so i jus downloaded any old one n it works, but heres my question how come sound it thru speakerphone n not thru regular is there a fix?
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    hm... I noticed that you can make free local calls with the pc version. but they make you buy credit for this version. anyway to make free local calls with this skype?
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    hotis300boy, Sound has always been through the speaker.

    airibis, you can ONLY make free calls from Skype to Skype. It does not matter if you're using the PocketPC version or the PC version. Credits are taken from the Skype accounting system, not the program that you download. Skype to landline requires credit.
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    Is Skype good to call out of country?
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    Skype to Skype, yes, becuase it's free. But don't be too amazed, this is the same as any VoIP softphone to VoIP softphone, Yahoo VoiIP, etc. The costs is going from Voip to landline.

    The nice thing about Skype is that you can buy a local number in some countries. For example, if you live in the US and have lots of relatives/friends in Germany, you can buy a local Skype-In number in Germany. Your friends/relatives would then have to just call a local number when they are in Germany to reach you.
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    Is there a way to make the sound come through the earpiece rather than the speakerphone?

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