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    I'm going to migrate from the 680 to the 750. Please do not ask why..I just need to do this! I've been a PalmOS person since the i705 and have migrated through all the Treos. I've had the 680 for almost 4 months and do really like it but for some silly, twisted reason I feel compelled to try the 750. I was able to buy one at a very good price online and not have to renew my Cingular contract at all. I'm going to try the 750 for awhile and see if I like it. (I've seen a working live version and think it's very slick.) Time will tell as to if that winds up being true. If I wind up liking the 750 that much I will sell my unlocked 680 since it's in excellent condition and is actually like new. If after trying it out I do not like the 750 I will go back to the 680 and sell the 750. I keep all my handhelds in mint like-new condition so this should not be a problem.

    I need some help. First off, is there anyone out there who has done this also and would like to share some of there experiences in using a WM Treo and the things to look for? I'm not a power user and I do not have a large number of applications that are near and dear to my heart. The biggest things I do with my Treo is listen to internet radio, downloaded MP3s and music, check personal email and do some instant messaging too. Oh yeah, I love surfing the internet with my Treo and really want the increased speed that the 750 and 3G will give me. I also want the capability to watch streaming video with the Treo and possibly use the slingbox device to watch DVR recorded stuff at home and other tv items. I have a tv tuner on my home pc and and excited about the slingbox device and what it can do. I had heard that the 750 and 3G is better suited (or required?) for this type of stuff so that is another reason I wish to migrate from the 680 to the 750 is to be able to do that.

    So...there you have some of my silly reasons to do such a CRAZY thing. So please do not beat me up too hard on doing this.......

    Since I'm a total newbie to the WM world out there, is there a simple way to transfer all of my stuff (contacts, calendar, etc.) from the 680 to the 750? Please tell me that there is and if anyone can suggest anything else (other than changing my mind on doing please do so. I would appreciate it!

    I'm sorry for the long post but felt complelled to bore you with my justifications!

    Thanks for your help in advance!!

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    I just did this last month and its a different world with WM I had used the Palm OS for a while and really began to like the simple interface. But after moving to the WM OS things began to open my eyes there are so many apps for WM and really seems to be compatible anywhere and everywhere.

    Here are some of the steps I took to get moved over.

    1. Backup your 680
    2. Copy all contacts to the SIM card
    3. I removed Palm Desktop from my laptop
    4. Install ActiveSync
    5. Sync 750
    6. Tweak and Install apps

    Oh yeah it takes some time to get used to using the 750 with 1 hand but can be done!
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    Thank you very much!

    How do you go about copying all your contacts to the SIM card? Then do you copy them back from the SIM to the 750..? If so, how do you do that?

    I've read out there that in order to get the 3G speeds with the 750, I'm going to have to get a new SIM from Cingular that has "3G" marked on it. Do you know if this is true and did you run into the same situation as well?
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    If I remember correctly you go to your contacts on your 680 then copy all to SIM

    then on the 750 it has a SIM Manager that you can copy them to the phone

    and yes you have to get the new 3G SIM ......its free from any Cingular store
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    When I go to contacts and go to the menu, there is an option "Export to SIM" however it looks as if you choose that option, only that one number is exported. It's not clear how you would export your entire contact list. Do you know if that is possible to do and how to do it? I'm puzzled
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    dang sorry I forgot......I exported my contacts to a comma delimited file then imported into Outlook or whatever contacts program you use
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    Thanks for the help so far.......

    I'm very anxious to get the 750 and begin using it!!!

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    When I went from using a 650 and the Palm Desktop I simply synced my 650 to Outlook, and the I synced the 750 to Outlook. Isn't that easier?

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