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    does anyone know anything about this company? I can't seem to find the website or a pace to buy them anymore.

    for those that don't know what these are... its a screen protector that ony allows for a certain viewing angle for privacy reasons. its sort of like a hologram for your phone. the user can see perfectly fine, but snoopy people see a hologram-like image from higher viewing angles.

    if anyone knows anything, could you please post information about how to get one. also, to users of Solovision, could you post reviews/comparisons as far as performance and durability?

    thanks to anyone that can provide any information...
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    these guys made a pen that I loved. I found a phone number for them, but it doesn't work. I finally found the pen on some small website that must just have a bunch left over. It may take a while, but search the net.
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    There are quite a few similar things on ebay. The last time I looked there was a UK company selling them and someone in the far east. I'm surprised these things aren't more common.
    search for "privacy screen"
    I know 3m makes one for laptops & desktops but they are extremely pricey.
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