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    Yes, I too have the invalid message recipient error when I try to send e-mail from my POP account. My IMAP accounts work fine but I can not send e-mails from my POP account. My cellular provider is Alltel and My e-mail account is through Time Warner/Road Runner. My incoming mail is set up as and it works fine. My outgoing mail server is set up as as posted on the RoadRunner website. I have checked it with the outgoing mail requires authentication both checked and unchecked.

    Cany anyone help PLEASE!!!!
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    you cant use your isp's outgoing email server w/your phone for some stupid reason... check out a google search about that, people explain it better than me.

    if you search here for your message title "invalid message recipient" you will see the answer.

    you have to find out what the outgoing mail server is for alltell, password, and username. theres an option in the account settings for using separate settings for outgoing mail servers.... dig around abit, thats your answer tho.
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    You may also want to try...

    In your Message
    Address tab

    In Contacts, get e-mail addresses from:
    All e-mail fields

    When I use any other option, I get that invalid recipient error too.

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