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    Still using a Palm OS Treo (T650) and am doing some homework on this core application suite as I'm thinking of making the switch to WM later this year.

    I was at a Sprint Store yesterday and was playing around with the T700Wx and its Microsoft Word app. It seemed less intuitive than Docs to Go for the Palm/Access OS. To my knowledge, Docs to Go is not offered for WM. Though it looks like the core WM suite has better access to files and folders that Docs to Go can't even touch, IIRC.

    With WM Outlook, though, I imagine that's more essential, especially for the improvements coming out for WM6 (though Agendus might even the gap).

    Anything I missed?
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    I haven't used the office stuff a lot since I just got my phone yesterday but Docs to Go seems more intuitive. WM6 will be totally bad *** from what I hear.
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    I've used both. Docs to go is by far a better set of apps, but Office mobile suffices, to the most part. Straight off the bat, PPT mobile is no comparison to the docs 2 go ppt app.

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