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    Hi all,

    I'm having a problem with numlock mode on my Treo 750v, specifically with Excel Mobile. Here are the details:

    1) In Excel Mobile, I press the option key twice to set option-lock (or numlock) mode. The underlined circle icon appears to indicate the mode is set.

    2) I move to a cell in Excel and attemt to enter numbers. What happens is the first button press produces the correct number, but then the numlock mode automatically turns off and all subsequent button presses produce CAPITAL letters instead of numbers.

    3) If I then set numlock mode again while focus is in the cell (blinking cursor), then all button presses produce the correct numbers.

    Note: If I tap the top bar in Excel to get the blinking cursor on a cell while numlock mode is set, it produces CAPITAL letters right from the start!

    Is anyone else having this problem? Google searching has returned no information. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Yes, mine appears to do the same thing you are mentioning. The Alt Lock won't stay on past the first number. But it will in the top data box.

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