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    Ok, i had every intention of switching to a 700p but I keep reading the about the many problems people have been having with it. Is it better to go with the 700wx. Is that reliable. I like how the palm OS functions better but I also want a reliable product. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
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    my co worker has the 700 p and its much slower then my 700 wx and he even admits my 700wx its easer to use more functional and just plain software wise is more of a better experience to use and he is a linux guy get that lol.
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    I think the 700p can be reliable but you should try them out to be sure.
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    "p" is for pansies and wx is

    not pansies.
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    I have the 700wx and it has worked reliably.

    I went with the windows version rather than the palm OS. I think that windows is the major operating system that will be the one to beat in the future. It allows for similar experience across different phones and lets face it, Microsoft is our centurys Borg.

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