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    Ok here is the problem. I currently have the 700wx with sprint. I had the 6700 with verizon. Same windows based OS. The problem is with my exchange server email. With my 6700 I would receive it on my phone with out a problem. Usually with only a few minute delay. Since I have gotten this 700, I can't get it as it arrives. I have changed device addresses, done resets, called sprint, and my IS people, and no one has a clue. The only thing I noticed is that when I do a hard reset, and set everything back up with the exchange server, the first email will arrive without delay, but that's it. No others will come unless I sync manually, or set it to a time schedule.

    Thanks all.
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    silly questions but i have to ask.

    you do have it set for "as items arrive"?

    do you have a "off peak time" set where it could be in that time?

    otherwise all i can say is i get my emails with in 2 seconds after i send them. (test messages to myself). infact i get them about 10-30 seconds before my pc gets them.

    what server do you use or is it a work server?
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    I have both peak, and off peak set to "as items arrive". I think it is exchange server, I don't know what version or anything.
    The biggest thing that gets me, is that with an almost identical OS (my 6700) it worked fine, but as soon as I switched to Sprint, and the treo, it quit working. I have been on the phone with both Sprint, and our IS people, and according to them it is the other guys problem.
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    An easy way to tell if its your Exchange server is simply to set up a free account at, replace your current exchange server with the new account info, and send a few test messages. If you get good push response, then you know the problem lies with your company's servers.

    One more thing to consider is the quality of your EVDO connection. For push email to work properly, a constant (yet idle) connection must be established. Have you adjusted the settings/done any hacks on your EVDO connection?
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    Well, can the mail2web be used with the exchange server from work?? Also, I upgraded to active sync 4.5, seems to be working now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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