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    What is the deal with the LED indicator? Is there a way to set it so when I get an email or text message it will blink? Why wasn't that option included?
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    Check out this thread:
    I've installed Mortscript and Hannip's LED script and it works great. Basically, any notification will cause the LED to blink, even when the phone is off.
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    You have many options. If you just want the led to blink for text messages and email you can make a simple reg change.

    If you want all notifications to cause the led to blink you can install this little gem.

    If you want your treo to tell you when you missed phone calls and voice mail and also blink the led and alert you every 2 minutes you might want to try Treo Alert.

    And of course if you like to spend money you can try this.

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