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    My Activesync won't sync, it just keeps "Synchronizing". I have read on several posts that the Windows/Temp folder needs to be emptied but I don't have a Windows/Temp folder. I have MemMaid and it is set to empty my Windows/Temp folder but I don't know if it really does b/c I can't find the folder using Resco. Anyone else have this issue.
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    I think... windows/profiles/guest
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    The Palm website shows a walkthru with pics that there should be an actual Windows/Temp folder. I am looking for a folder that may be holding up the syncing of ActiveSync. This folder is supposed to have thousands of 0 files or something like that that causes Activesync to get bogged down. I appreciate any suggestions.

    If I delete the files I have in windows/profiles/guest, is that bad. Are they needed or do they just get created when working on the Treo.

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