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    Greetings! I am the proud owner of my first Treo ever! I bought it in "Like New" condition from an eBay seller - turned out "Like New" means badly roughed up and with no manual.

    Still - other than superficial beating, it appears OK. However, mysteriously today, a few of the buttons stopped working ... particularly the 0, Space, Shift and Backspace buttons - a couple soft resets accomplished nothing, and I couldn't even dial without calling up the software dial pad. But then, just as mysteriously, they started working again - now the phone seems fine.

    Is this anything anybody knows about?

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    I've had my 700wx for a few months now and I've not encountered this.
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    If he sold you a "like new" treo with faults, you'd probably want to contact the seller. See if you can send it back.
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    I did. And I'm sending it back. Thanks for the replies.


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