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    Has anyone done this? When I tried to seperate the two case halves something is sticking on one side, almost like a screw is still there, but there is no screw head visable, any idea's anyone?

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    If you removed 4 screws, that was all of it.

    Note: you shoud remove the front case first by using a plastic tool opener (or just simple a credit card) Insert a tool at a corner, then go around the front case w/ the plastic card. It gonna do the job.
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    There should be 5 screws holding the case together.

    1. Under the stylus.
    2. Under the external antenna cover, under a tamper sticker.
    3. Just below the rear speaker under battery cover.
    4. lower left under battery cover.
    5. lower right under battery cover.

    Then use the opener to open. The only thing left holding it together should be the snap tabs (as I call them).
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    As I found out there are six screws in the back which need to be removed, then the back cover comes off, then there is a screw going through the back of the phone, holding the front cover in place. This screw needs to be removed before the front cover will come off. It's a little different to other Treo's.
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    Oops! I missed the one just to the right of the battery.

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