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    Hey Gang

    I recently saved a load of contacts to my SIM card. Now everytime I do a search from the Today screen, I see the SIM contacts before the phone's. Ugh! Of course, searches a slower too now.

    I've been looking for a setting somewhere or registry hack that tells the search to ignore SIM contacts but I can't find one. This is pretty standard stuff on Nokia and SE phones.

    Another one to add to the long list of requests for WM6?

    Thanks for any help

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    WM6 not gonna help you solve this issue, either. Maybe WM7

    I'm surprised that M$ doesn't have the option to hide SIM contact list when I looking for it on my WM6 device.
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    I had to delete my SIM contacts. In the end they are still backed up to Outlook every time that I sync and I can always copy them back to the card in cass I need to change phones. If I lose the phone I'd lose the SIM inside anyway.
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    I know the Treo 650 had a feature where you can hide the Sim contacts, but on the 750 the feature is not there.
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    The registry wizard that cellneuron posted has a feature that says "hide SIM contacts"- you might want to download it.

    But in an event you are comfortable with hacking the registry, I opened the info and here it says:


    comment says "this tweak makes it possible to hide or show contacts on the SIM card"

    Good luck.
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    Hide SIM contacts
    Registry: HKCU\ControlPanel\Phone
    Key: ShowSim (dWord)
    Value: 0 = hide
    1 = show

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