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    My Treo has been living in my purse for the last couple months and I have not had problems with it before, but today after I turned it on (it died in the night) the screen was really pale and all the color was washed out. As it charged, the color slowly faded back into the screen. It kinda goes in and out of being full color and fading back down. I can see the screen refreshing when it's faded. Even stranger is sometimes the black shows up perfectly, it's only other colors that are faded. But sometimes the black is also faded. Does this sound like something is loose from the abuse of being in my purse (I didn't think I was being that harsh on it) or is it just going bad?
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    It sounds like the display is dying. As to what caused it, it is probably just going bad.

    I'd try a hard reset and see if the display comes back to life. If that doesn't work, I'd turn it in and get a new unit.
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    Your treo rolling around in a purse cant be good.The display should not be pressed against ruff or hard surfaces
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    hmmm, yeah. I was afraid of that. Hopefully I can get it replaced, it's actually a company't be an issue really. I tried a hard reset (button in the back), but not a super hard reset (as in deleting all my data too). Unlike most women, my purse isn't a black hole of death and I'm pretty careful about how I keep my phone in there. I work in computers so I understand the whole electronics/touch screen sensitivty thing. The phone was used for a year by someone else before it got passed down to me, so I guess it was just time for it to start giving out. Thanks, I appreciate the input!

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