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    I just siged up for the Sprint data plan that includes navigation, now I just have a few questions. Does it matter whose BT receiver I use? Do I have to pay any additional money for GPS software of just se the one from Sprint? Should I pay the additional $10 a month for Telenav and buy their expensive receiver or just use a no name brand from eBay? I read the review from Alli and want to give Telenav a shot before I just pay for a one time GPS software like TomTom.

    Thx for all the help.


    ( By the way...this forum is Great!!! )
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    I am a field technician that drives usually 100 or so miles daily to many places I don't know how to get to and Telenav works beautifully for me. It's well worth the $10 for the monthly service rather than getting a 200-300 dollar separate GPS reciever and have to update maps from a CD/DVD.
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    I paid less than $200 for my bluetooth receiver and the software (iGuidance). It works fine for me. I put all the maps on my 4g SD card so I don't ever have to worry about updating the maps, well at least, not for a few years.

    The plus to using telenav is that your maps are going to always be current, well current as they can get, but you have to pay the $10 a month.

    $10 a month * 12 months is $120 a year. You can easily buy the new software every year for that and not have to deal with your phone being in service, that is, if you travel to remote locations. With the software such as tomtom or iguidance you can go out into the boonies and your gps will still work. I don't know if telenav is downloadable for this type of situation. You'll need to check with them on that.

    I personally did not want to have to pay $10 a month. I suspect I can us my gps software for a few years and save a bundle instead of buying telnavs subscription.
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    In the end, I think it's much wiser to to buy a full software package than use TeleNav, just for the simple reason that you don't need to get online to use your navigation. Imagine if you're in an area with little or no service, how do you get your navigation? And more importantly, if you pump $10 a month for 1 year into Telenav, and then get a new device that doesn't work with Telenav (let's say you switch carriers), then all you're left with is your receiver and no maps.

    Basically, a full navigation package is better because of reliability and compatability.
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    I agree with Trevante. If you're in a 1x area, you'll miss calls as its using your data connection. You can get a full-fledged TomTom package, with BT receiver, for about $150. Or go my route and get them separately on ebay (all new, in packaging) for even less.
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    Get a full package. Monthly is a rip off.
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