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    I have been looking for a new media player so I can have easier access to play lists etc and came across pocketmusic.

    Software seems to be great, except it disables my arrow keys. I can no longer navigate the phone except with the touch screen. If I reboot (remove battery) it works fine until I restart the software.

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    I was playing around with this the last few days as well and you need to mess around with the key mapping in order to get it working properly..

    Make sure both checkboxes next to Next Track and Previous Track are unchecked and see if that helps. I also have Volume Up/Down mapped to my hardware up/down keys and not the Dpad up down.. and for that I have the first checkbox for each checked so it will use those when it is playing in the background.
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    I unmap all keyboard functions except for display toggle which I assign to the single press side button.

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