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    I have been accessing my Gmail account throught the web on my 750.
    I tried to download Gmails app for the mobile platform but couldn't get it to work. I didn't try terribly hard at that point.
    Suddenly the other day when I access it through the web I can retrieve and see the emails and even pen a response but the send button on the interface does nothing. A soft reset did no good and neither did waiting a few days.
    I saw the thread on setting it up as a POP account and did that.

    Anyone else experiencing this browser failure? In gmail or elsewhwere?

    How would the mobliel client if I could get it to work differ from the POP3?

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    read this thread here i helped a guy setup the gmail app on his 750 thru a java midlet emulator.
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    Went ahead and set it up pop3. It worked but the emails disappear as mentioned in the other post
    I went ahead and installed the gmail app using the midlet mentioned and it seemed to work fine
    Now my sounds and notifications are going out reguarly. I can heard a crackle just as it happens.
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    I have it set up as Pop3, and after I view the e-mail after a while its gone, and no where to be found.
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    I found out through a google search a little while back that the trick with gmail and pop3 on WM is to change the User Name to "" - it's a wierd issue with gmail's POP3 in combination with WM, but adding the "recent:" in front of the user name seems to do the trick to keep messages from disappearing on the next download cycle. Can't find the link right now to the info, but I know it works for me...Hope this helps some of you...

    Update - this issue only seems to happen when you download the full message instead of just the headers - see this link:

    Also, here's the info from Google about "recent:" -
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    Thanks StupidFlanders!
    I tried this solution this AM and haven't lost an emails as of yet!
    Still can't get the web version working even though it used to.
    I'll try a hard reset and see if that works. I'm just lazy and don't want to wait to resync all my info...around 25 minutes!
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    funny that I don't have my user name as merosenfeld@gmail but just merosenfeld and I have always gotten my emails.

    Anyway, I just did recent:merosenfeld and it worked, so thanks!

    I have a personal email account that is set up through POP3 and I am going to try the same thing with that and hope it works too.
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