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    When I try typing in, it takes me to a wap site which I dont want it to.

    I tried disbabligng the proxiy- no luck.

    I want to click on a hyperlink which is in one of my yahoo email account. How can I do this?
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    *bump* in hopes of an answer....
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    I think you can do it with Opera Mini. Most of the time I use the wap version, but sometimes I just use the full version of Yahoo Mail. If I recall correctly, the links work in the full version using Opera Mini.
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    Figures. I've been trying to stick with the preinstalled programs such as the internet browser. Might have to look into getting a better browser-
    i.e. opera mini, pie plus- but I just hate shelling out $$$
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    I use the Xpress mail software that came on the phone. It delivers my yahoo email directly to my phone. Contrary to popular belief you can do this with a free Yahoo account and you do not need to run the xpress mail client on your computer at all times.

    Here's the link, but you should have the software already on your phone if you got it from Cingular.

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