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    Ever since I got my WiFi SD card for my Sprint Treo 700wx and installed the WiFi drivers (card works great by the way), when I insert my Treo into the sync cradle (without WiFI card installed) to sync with my PC, I get the following error message:

    Pocket PC Networking
    Unable to obtain a server assigned IP address. Try again or enter IP address in Network Settings.

    The Wi-Fi SDIO card network setting is set to "use server assigned IP", but the SD card is not inserted, so I'm not sure why it is reporting this error.

    Now this message is just an alert, I can close it (or not) and my Treo still syncs with my PC. And if I dismiss it, it doesn't show up again until I remove my Treo from the cradle and reinstall it. It's just a bit annoying.

    Any suggestions on what I could try? (search on forums for "Pocket PC Networking" found 0 results)
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    Maybe someone can point me to a good Windows Mobile Networking site
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    I have a Wifi SD card also and never saw this message. The only thing is, I have my own wifi and there are several houses, within range, that I can connect to, which is why I probably don't see this happen. Do you have any Wifi hotspots in your area? Is your Treo cradled while you insert the Wifi card in?
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    No, it's not a WiFi card/reception problem. This happens without the card inserted.

    The only reason for mentioning the WiFi part, was this started after I installed the WiFi card driver(s).

    The problem occurs when I am trying to activesync my Treo. I put it in the cradle, activesync starts and completes successfully, but a few moments later I get the alert popup.

    Since it just started after I installed my WiFi card and drivers, I believe it is a setting within Network Management but I haven't been able to isolate it.

    I was hoping to find a WM5 network guru that could shed some light on this.

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