Ever since I got my WiFi SD card for my Sprint Treo 700wx and installed the WiFi drivers (card works great by the way), when I insert my Treo into the sync cradle (without WiFI card installed) to sync with my PC, I get the following error message:

Pocket PC Networking
Unable to obtain a server assigned IP address. Try again or enter IP address in Network Settings.

The Wi-Fi SDIO card network setting is set to "use server assigned IP", but the SD card is not inserted, so I'm not sure why it is reporting this error.

Now this message is just an alert, I can close it (or not) and my Treo still syncs with my PC. And if I dismiss it, it doesn't show up again until I remove my Treo from the cradle and reinstall it. It's just a bit annoying.

Any suggestions on what I could try? (search on forums for "Pocket PC Networking" found 0 results)