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    I happened upon this article saying that beginning in April some Sprint customers with the Power Vision package will get free TeleNav service.

    UPDATE: It's true. I just got off the phone with Sprint customer service - ask for the Power Vision Navigation pack - it's the exact same price but has the same and added features including unlimited TeleNav.

    You still do have to purchase the bluetooth receiver from TeleNav for $99 but all in all, it's not too bad a deal.
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    I assume this would not apply to us SERO users. I already have a Garmin, so it is not really necessary for me but would be a nice option.
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    What is this bluetooth receiver you need to purchase? When I had my bberry thru Nextel, I did not need to purchase anything extra - everything just came thru the phone. How does this device work?
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    I already have a mio c310x. I guess it's not bad to have a stand-alone gps. It's just $150 and works pretty well.

    Besides, it can be hacked and play video, too. (again, by tcpmp :P)
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    Here's a link to information on the GPS receiver. It's $99.95 on the TeleNav website.

    It's represented as a matchbox size device you put in the front window of your car.
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    Wow. My wife has a 650 on T-Mobile and the contract is almost up. I might use this to switch her to a Sprint SERO plan and give her GPS -- which (ahem) she badly needs.

    The BIG problem of course is the eternal dilemma: 700p/755p/wait for the Godlike Linux Treo That Will Soon Arrive.

    Geez. I feel like a cargo cult member, waiting for the Godlike Linux Treo.
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    what about for those that currently have Telenav service like me? Should I cancel and upgrade my Sprint account?
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    how is that service? It looks cool but does it work well?
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    So would it be pointless to get this service if lets say I already have iGuidance loaded on my phone? Second, do they send you the software or do you access it online; like how google can utilize a bluetooth GPS receiver to get your current location. Screen shots would be awesome.
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    So is there a Blackberry plan that includes this? I sure hope so. We are paying $40 a month for BB's only logical.

    Anyone? I'm afraid to call Sprint...they lower my IQ each time I wade through the numerous departments, seeking answers.

    The BB 8703e has GPS built-in, so no need for an external receiver. It works great, and would be nice if Sprint included Telenav on the overpriced BB plans.

    BTW, if anyone wants my iGuidance/BT-338 bundle, it's on eBay. Search "ericshmerick" (seller).
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    Icalled them regarding this and the first 2 reps said they did not offer GPS/Telenav and the 3rd rep said they offered it but only offered the "Family Locator" plan (the thingy you use to track down your teenagers). The 4th rep said that it was for NEW customers who add the PCS Vision Navigator package for $25.00. As for the rest of us who already have the Vision plans, it would be an additional $10 per month.

    I used the Telenav with my Blackberry and it was indeed TOTALLY awesome. There was a monthly fee for this thru Nextel that was about $10 and the bberry required no additional equipment. I found though that I RARELY used it. So keep that in mind before you jump on the bandwagon.
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    I suppose none of us are suprised that Sprint customer service isn't uniformly up to speed this; I'm sure the high volume of constantly changing promotional offerings is overwhelming to keep on top of.

    I also had TeleNav with Nextel for the $10 monthly charge - and while I also used it only occasionally, when I did I was very glad I had it. I used it on more than one occasion to point me to the gas station with the lowest prices.
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    In regards to the external GPS receiver, the Treos lack a integrated stage two GPS receiver, required for GPS software to function. You can see a list of supported devices complete with notation of if they need a external GPS receiver on the TeleNav web site at

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    I signed up for the Nav pack, now how can I log into it. I have a 700wx and already d/led Telenav's software for it. I have a BT GPS just dont know the login info.


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