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    Hello All,

    I just got my 750 and I am wondering if my phone is acting odd or normal. When i remove the battery and reinsert it or do a soft reset, from the time that Windows Mobile has loaded up and I am able to use it, it takes about a full minute to recognize my reception so that I may make phone calls. My old 650 only took about 15 seconds. If this is normal then it doesnt bother me, but I want to know if this is normal or not so that I may investigate the problem if it isnt. THanks!
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    I have the unlocked 750 and I have the same problem. I figured that my issues were because my phone is always roaming (on T-Mobile USA) and has to think thru a list of European carriers first.

    It is kinda like the searching bug that afflicted T-Mobile's SDA and if I recall the MDA also.

    Good to know I'm not alone.
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    My first Cingular 750 phone is like this, and I'd guess it is defective... I had it replaced with another unit for a different reason, and my 2nd phone locks signal in about 15 seconds...
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    Mine was like that initially but not any more..maybe the HSPDA hack speeds things up?
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