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    Ok I posted about this problem awhile ago but never found any solutions. I keep getting a stupid Out Of Memory error message that pops up when I AM NOT OUT OF MEMORY, not even close! Sometimes I will go to use my phone and I will have to clock ok on about 50 of those messages to clear all of them and other times I wont get one for a couple days. It seems to happen when I have the Threaded SMS messaging running. If i open the task manager and force quit it then It seems to be ok until i get a message or send one and it starts again. It also seems like it happens mostly when it switches to roaming or back to sprint while the messaging app is running. I cannot figure out how to fix this but I am abou tto trash this stupid phone because of it.
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    Did you try to send a pic using Threaded SMS? If you did, it may still be in the outbox trying to send it. Take a look at your outbox in the threaded SMS to see if there are any messages there and delete them.
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    There was a pic message in there! I hope that fixes it, thanks a bunch for the tip!!!!!
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    SMS threaded app doesn't function well when you try to send pic/video through it. It initially tries to send it, but fails and you received the "Out of memory" error. Unfortunately, it remains in the outbox and will periodically try to send it again and again. Since it will not be able to, you will normally see the "Out of error" messages display often.

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