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    I have only had my 700wx for 2 months but I had to restore after something went awry. I tried restoring from the most recent backup and my Treo would not start up correctly. I then tried an older backup and it worked but did not seem to be acting "normal". I was backing up to an SD card and am running Vista with WMDC.

    I just went ahead and did a complete hard reset and reinstalled from scratch. My question is, how can you test a backup program and how can you even trust such program that a restore will be successful? I would like to get a working backup procedure going that I can trust in case of emergency.
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    I have never had an issue with a sprite backup as long as i do a hard reset prior to the restore. If I skip thsi step I run into weird issues. I've heard of others having issues but I haven't yet.
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    Ahh... I don't think I did a hard reset first but I am not too anxious to wipe it out and find out it was not successful.
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    Ive had a multitude of problems with sprite backup, so I went to SPB and sofar its been superb
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    I'm gonna agree with Stroths on this one. Weird-as shwag can happen if you don't a hard reset prior to doing the restore. But afterwards, everything went as smooth as silk.
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    I've done hard reset's before a restore and it still didn't work. It seems that backups get corrupted if you ever try and do a backup and you receive an error message that you memory may be low, the backup seems to go on as normal but it ends up being corrupt and practically unusable. I've had to try and do a restore twice in the past and the restores went through the motions of restoring but my phone app (Treo 750) would not work, so I had to start from scratch or use a really old backup that was done before the error messages started showing up.
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    I've performed several restores from Sprite backups with no problems. I do agree that you should perform a hard reset before performing a complete device restore. I've also restored just PIM with no problems either. Sort of. I didn't delete the contacts and appointments from Outlook when I performed a sync and had allot of duplicates.
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    Best practice is to hard reset your devicebefore you perform a restore, since Sprite Backup will not erase,replace or remove anything on your device, the operation is more likely "advanced combining".

    So if you had data lost or files lost, you would not bother a hard reset. If you had something wrong on your device already, restore does not fix any problems, as restore can not change the faulty registry or databases.

    it is a relavently bugs free tool in the mobile market if you do it right, since none of mobile data recovery solution is perfect, Sprite is just much better than others.

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