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    PocketSNES is a common emulator that works on WM5. The only problem is that, on the Treo 700wx at least, it is tremendously slow. The below emulator is much faster:


    Setup: You should download the first ARM link (version b1k). Unzip, copy to anywhere (I popped the files into my start menu). Run once, then shut down (file -> bottom option). Open up your favorite registry editor (eg PHM RegEdit) and go to local machine\software\ce44u\snes9xj4u. Change Language from 0 to 1. Save and exit, start up Snes9xj4u. Should be in English now.

    While your in Registry, you should also change another setting. Autoskip should be set to 1.

    This emulator is very fast, with the downside of low compatibility ( not all games work ).

    Found the first tidbit of info Snes9xj4u at:

    There is one other small issue. The games do not run in true full screen. The aspect ratio is off so it causes a slight distortion in the image quality. This kind of ruins it for me, so I am hoping to solve the issue & will certainly post any positive results.

    In the registry there are additional settings, including "ScreenX" and "ScreenY". Altering these values might be the solution to getting full screen working.
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    Sweet. I will have to try it. I loved LJP on my palm so hopefully this will make up for it.
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    you might also want to ty morphgear. its fast and runs all my favorites.
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    Sweet! Just test drove Morphgear. Looked into it previously, but never bothered to try it since it costs about $20 plus another $20 per each module.

    After Googling it, I found this site which includes a demo:

    Appears to be fully functional, with the exception that you cannot save. I couldn't figure out how to get it to full screen either ( the top bar stays in vision)

    Wow, it certainly is the best SNES emulator. Played a game of Super Mario World and it ran nicely. Mario Kart was still running at only 50% speed but a noticeable improvement over any other emulator. And I presume it has all the compatibility of the original Snes9x which is at about 99%.

    Did you buy your copy & if so how much did it cost? Do they offer lifetime updates?

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