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    Is there a way to have TomTom display the address of the POI you're trying to get to? For example, let's say I know there's a Holiday Inn on Main Street but I don't know the exact address. I can do a POI search of Holiday Inns near me, but how do I tell if the Holiday Inn I'm selecting is the one on Main St.?
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    On which version of TomTom Navigator?
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    I'm using TomTom6
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    Anyone have an idea on how to get the address to show up when doing a POI search?
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    I wish I knew; I have had teh same question for months! Very annoying. Have you found a solution yet?
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    Although not an elegant solution, what I end up doing is using Google Maps Mobile or Windows Live Search to search for the businesses as a POI search. Once found, I key in the address into TomTom 6.
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    I've even gone as far as looking it up with Directory Assistant, saving it as a contacts entry, and then using TomTom to pull it from Contacts. Definitely a pain.
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    I recently purchase the TomTom 6 for my Treo 650 and wish the POI options were better. With the stand alone Garmin device I got for my wife I can type in the name of the POI and the unit tells me where the nearest one is and continues to load the next one down the list until I choose one. With my TomTom 6 this option does not seem to work. I was in Santa Anna CA and could not find a Office Depot. The system just does not let you search by POI from what I could tell. Or maybe there just wasn't one close enough to me.

    Don't get me wrong, I really line the system, just the POI option is driving me nuts. I have decided to load up the TomTom website with my POI's in hope that they will improve this feature to work like my Garmin device.

    If someone know a better way, please let me know.
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