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    My 700w worked fine syncing wirelessly with Verizon Wireless Sync software when I used XP. Recently upgraded to Vista Business edition. I am able to sync via bluetooth to the Windows Mobile Device Center. I am not using a business server. Does Verizon offer something similar to Wireless Sync or is there any 3rd party software available. Thanks.
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    I can't sync either. Treo keeps saying it can't find Active Sync (because it doesn't exist in Vista).

    But mainly I wanted to say read your message. I think you stated your case backwards. You say you can sync wirelessly.
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    I'm sure you've tripped over this before, but you can manage all Windows Mobile Devices from Vista's Mobile Device Manager. I don't use Vista, I just remember seeing it somewhere today.
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    I'm not aware of a Vista compatible push software tool that does what the Wireless Sync software does. Did you try loading / running the Verizon software on Vista - and perhaps setting it to run as an Administrator and in XP compatibility mode? Hopefully Verizon will update it's software - but I also wouldn't be surprised if they didn't do it until they start rolling out WM6 devices...and made it WM6 only.

    Vista Mobile Device Center does a fine job to sync my Outlook when I am connected via BT or cradle (although it is a little quirky like AS 4.1 as in the real early days of the 700w). Almost all of the challenges can be addressed with a soft reset of the phone - no reboot of the PC and no hard reset like I had to do periodically with AS 4.1. BT connections are a little more stable than the wire - I've sometimes had problem connecting from the cradle, connect via BT, and after disconnecting, have no problem connecting from the cradle. Quirky.

    I pull my office messages from our POP3 service onto the phone for when I'm not docked. It's not as easy as a push - since I only poll every 20 minutes for new messages - but it works for me. As they say, your mileage may vary.

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